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Eminent Domain Frequently Asked Questions

A Note to the Reader: The law, regulations and policy on these subjects often changes. This is meant only as a general guideline and to give the reader an idea of the process and what rights and possible compensation are available. You should always consult with counsel before making any decisions on your course of action. View Full Disclaimer

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1 What is "Condemnation Blight"? 3003
2 1463
3 What about rent, insurance and real estate taxes and utilities? 1655
4 OK - I filed a claim - now what? 1427
5 Should I wait until the last moment to make a claim? 1545
6 How fast can I get paid? 1603
7 Can I claim where only a part of my property is taken? 1439
8 Can I make a claim to get paid? 1368
9 Can the government take property even where it especially benefits a private party? 1661
10 1409
11 1553
12 How am I notified that they may be taking my property? 1676
13 Just what property can the government take from me? 1849
14 Can I oppose or seek judicial review of the taking? 1970
15 What am I entitled to claim? 1806
16 2244
17 What about damages to property that the government has not taken -- the remainder property? 3404
18 Can I get paid for damages to my business? 1904
19 The Condemnation Procedure 5120
20 1865
21 What is a claim? 1951
22 Will I receive interest? 1869
23 Can the government inspect my property? 1949
24 What about mortgages and liens on my property? 3934
25 If I am an owner, how do leases affect the award? 1918
26 What are fixtures? Can I recover for damages to my equipment and fixtures? 1900
27 Do I have to leave immediately - can I stay on as a tenant? 2191
28 What if my property has environmental problems? 2052
29 What if my property has building violations? 1735
30 What are the income tax implications? 3053
31 What happens at trial? 1888
32 Can I recover the attorney fees and the costs of litigation? 1812
33 Can I get relocation expenses? 2105
34 If the property is under a contract of sale at the time of vesting, who is entitled to the award? 1740