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See some of Saul Fenchel's eminent domain articles covering various subjects in Eminent Domain Condemnation.

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For a State taking, the time in which to file a claim against the State is three years from the date of the service of the Notice of Appropriation. If notice has not been properly given or, in certain limited circumstances, good cause shown, a claim can be filed after the three year period subsequent to the notice of the vesting of title. However, it is not recommended that you delay in filing your claim.

In respect to the vesting of title by local governments, the date in which a claim must be filed is set by the Judges vesting order and the Judge may choose virtually any period in which a claim must be filed. However, as a general rule, the Judge will not set a time less than three months or more than three years. Failure to file within that set period of time can be excused for a good cause shown. Again, it is strongly recommended that you file your claim as soon as possible.

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