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Just what property can the government take from me?

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The answer to this question is simple: anything and everything provided it can be shown to be related to a public purpose and the government pays just compensation. Except if limited by the enabling statute (and this limitation generally applies only to subordinate government agencies or subdivisions), the power to take is, as a practical matter, virtually unlimited. The government can take real property, personal property, trade fixtures, leasehold interests, contractual rights, franchises, and occasionally may even take an entire business operation.

A taking can be “partial”; for example, when the government takes a portion of the property’s frontage to widen a road; or it can be “total” when the government takes the entire property. It can be permanent (i.e. the government owns it forever) or temporary (i.e. taking a portion of real estate to provide for construction). At the end of the construction period, the legal title to the property is returned.

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