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A condemnee who is successful in obtaining a condemnation award substantially above the amount original­ly offered can now generally recover all or most of its legal and expert witness costs.


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The New York law governing eminent domain and condemnation is distinctive, in that it provides for recovery of attorney’s and expert fees under certain circumstances.


The condemnation clause is one of the most overlooked clauses in the lease agreement. Many lessors and lessees give it little attention, reasoning that it is unlikely that a condemnation will occur or, even if it does, that it will be many years away and will have little significance. It is, however, of great importance.


Most takings are partial takings. The most common taking involves a road widening resulting in a loss of frontage area which, in turn, results in the loss of display or front parking area. This damage is compensable.


*The reader should note that since the original issuance of these articles, there have been additional cases decided by the courts on these subjects.

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